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and even 76% more plaque than sonicare flexcare in hard to reach areas. oral-b deep sweep 5000 power brush. life opens up when you do. loving "the red eye," it's like you got mail. if that's like a reoccurring infection, that's not my fault. tom, what's coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, greg. hi one of those infections. it appears for at least a year the irs was aware of what the irs was doing, namely targeting conservatives but they deliberately kept this information from congress. the question is was the president aware? probably not. i'm sure he'll learn about this tonight along with our viewers. he's just a man and it's a big country. >> and of america's top 100 universities, how many do you
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think chose liberal graduation speakers? if you said 100, you'd be 100% right and i'd be 0% surprised. >> and lastly, i'm a white heterosexual male -- greg? >> aren't you going to tease the third story, tom? >> i'd love to but it's a diversity story and i'm not qualified. >> you're right. go away you sad freak. i'm here tonight with diane. weekdays on fox business network, i'd pay to watch you wave. and he's so sharp, inmates try to smuggle him into prison, the author of "my mother's bible" and also "up in the air," a great book and movie. and he just beat hepatitis a, which is now beating his
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hepatitis b. if he were a seesaw, i'd go up and down on him in a heart beat. >> believe, that's the first story. get ready for dumb words coming out of dumber mouth holes, america. >> he's a bitter, bitter announcer. don't know why he's not here. >> okay, would obama still win if we knew of their sin? the irs chose not to come clean about targeting tea partiers until after the 2012 election. on friday, outgoing commissioner steven miller he knew of the practice over a year ago, yet he continued to defend the practice to congress, after attorneys flagged questions as "troubling." lisa meyers, cut to the chase.
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>> imagine, if you can, what would have happened if this fact came out in september 2012 in the middle of a presidential election. the terrain would have looked at the different. >> i'm not following. meanwhile, other outrageous outrage that is outrageous, the executive in charge of the tax exempt division, sarah hall-ingram, three names, was promoted to run the irs office responsible for obama care. we can agree that's the greatest thing ever. speaking of bad situations, look what happened to my cousin carl this week.
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this is still carl. he did this last week. that's how you found me. >> exactly. >> now we have a carl. don't take my job, carl. >> carl's the new repulsive side kick. this is a big question and a serious question. would we have a president mitt if this scandal had happened in september? my source, which is my mouth, says yes. >> first of all, let me say congratulations to lisa meyers for even raising that question. what's she still doing at that network? she's a great reporter. i think this is a campaign story. it's about winning the election. i think it should be seen through that lens. i don't know if romney would have been elected but i think this would have been the central scandal of last year had this come out. and by the way, miller is a liar. he lied to congress and he was totally unrepentant about it. federal employees more likely to die on the job than get fired and you get that kind of
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arrogance. >> and he also lied about his hair because we know that's a perm. >> you think it's real? >> yeah, it is real but it's not naturally curly. that's not a perm, my friend. if you have a blind spot that you don't know that's a perm, you have a blind spot. do you think the irs deliberately chose not to fess up before the election? >> i think they gave themselves an extension to file. >> nice. >> what i'm concerned about are these bonuses that irs agents apparently get. bonuses? those are usually awarded for extra earnings. this is extra taking. i think they should call them bounty payments. i really do. >> it's true. by the way, the bonuses are based on them being competent, not doing more than their own work. >> or just showing up gets you a bonus. >> i really did a great job. they helped get the president
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re-elected. why wouldn't they get bonuses? you were saying in the green room how much you want to do more work for patients suffering from disease. no. you were saying you were glad the tea party was targeted because you hate them. >> i'm just going to ignore that entirely as i usually do any question that starts that way. tucker, i think it's about all of the things that you mentioned and i think it's about something, yes, the irs is just too damn big and it makes it so easy to use it as a political weapon because they're involved in every aspect of our life. the tax code is 74,000 pages long. it begs the question why these groups are getting tax exempt stat to us begin with. they have every right to speak their mind but they should pay taxes like everybody else. people who donate to them, they should donate because they believe in the cause, not
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because they're getting a tax write-off. and the administration, i have no idea what's going on. the president should know what's going on while he is there. this president is way too comfortable talking about things he has no idea what's going on. >> what you said is the president should be impeached. >> exactly. >> i can sum it up. the irs received $100,000 in bonuses. your bonus this year was a bag of old barbie doll heads but yet you were still ecstatic. >> wait, what's bonus? i saw those in my office, had no idea why they were there or who left them. do we really think this is the first time something like this has happened? these guys got caught.
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other organizations allege the bush organization did the same thing. the only thing people hate more than the bush administration is peta. so no one is going to follow the story. this is why i say we look into whether or not bush had the irs audit santa. that's a war on christmas. >> the problem with peta is animals don't care. >> animals don't vote, much less look at, a horrible web site. >> whether it affected the web site, i think the answer is no. it only involves tax paying voters. >> that is a very good point. that is half of america. half of america does not even care about this. >> that's 49% of america pays taxes. >> i was off by a percent, tucker. gee whiz. >> the majority of americans receive more than they pay in. >> everybody is waiting for the gop and conservative media to overplay this hand. is that basically saying please shut up?
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>> according to "the washington post," that's already happened. >> it took two days and it's already overplayed. >> stop your whining. >> i have a theory on this and maybe i'm a little crazy. you see the white house moaning about fox news a lot, which i believe is an insult to the rest of the media. by the way, why weren't you bugged? why weren't your records taken? >> they don't even care. i'm such a small little -- i'm a bed bug on the mattress of life. >> this isn't the on example of the irs being used for political reasons. glen beck says he's gets audited every year. that's not a coincidence. >> liberal groups got a complete pass. for example, we broke the story this week, the barack h. obama organization, which is headquartered at a mailbox et
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cetera, they mispronounce the guy's name. they got approval from lois werner in 32 days. >> i want to see the surveillance tape from who opened that box. >> reggie love, middle of the night. >> you know it's a fake foundation because they would not use the h. in his name. >> miller went before congress and said, yes, they only searched conservative terms, but it wasn't politically motivated, they were trying to go get through their workload. >> if they were trying to get through their workload, they would have ignored it and got these things through. everybody acted as if the way they got through their workload was by extraneous extra work. >> if you look at anyplace, whether you're going into a foreign country, the best thing to do is just to stamp.
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you go hold on a second, you need to go over there for four hours because i don't want to go home and watch "hello larry." the other thing is this woman going to obama care is a bit weird. what's her name? ingram? >> the lady with three names. >> it's like putting a kitten in charge of mice. this is a bigger deal than anything. we're talking about a tornado and this thing is going to be -- what's bigger than a tornado? had your canadia hurricane? >> you're talking about confirming every conspiracy nut ever claimed. >> you are a conspiracy nut. >> it's true. >> and conserving your workload crap, i tell you how to reduce your workload, you don't work. i speak from experience. >> i like that he called you walt. you don't look like a walt.
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>> i feel like one, though. >> from a scandal to the scantily clad. was it shrewd to buy her nude? someone paid nearly $2 million for a painting of late "golden girls" star bea arthur in the buff. imagine her without the black box and then imagine her on the skate board. imagining for kids is fun. to who would invest in her chest? an anonymous buyer sadly at a kristy's auction in new york. i'm not allowed in there. it's called bea arthur naked. the artist said i had a vision in my head, i find a picture of her, i was going to put a scarf ensemble on her and i drew the body. it was then that i realized the painting was fantastic as it was. fantastic indeed. andy leavy isn't here tonight
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because he's painting his favorite cat. let's see how it's going. this idea of asking people to send in pictures of their pets is a bad idea. 2 million bucks, diane, for this painting. do you consider this painting? >> i think it's strange enough he painted a portrait of bea arthur. the fact that he took a picture of her fully clothed and pictured her naked is creepy. i also like how low the black box is, by the way. >> that is bad. >> yeow! wow! >> what do you expect? she's a wonderful person. >> tucker, as someone who owns nude paintings --
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>> that's not really her body. he made it up! >> i understand. >> either way, this cat has claws. >> you own a number of new paintings of all the golden girls. is it worth the money? >> a hundred percent. >> that actually elevated my mood dramatically. let me just put in a word of defense for bea arthur. she was 69 years old when that was painted. she looks fantastic. >> it's not her body! it's the perception of the creepy painter. >> miss catty, forget it, you don't like sharing the stage with her. you're cool, too. you're just no bea. >> who was this anonymous buyer? could it be bea arthur? >> no. >> paint thagging breasted portraits of former hollywood people who are down to their last $2 million and make them buy it work.
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>> that's called artistic black mablack mail two years ago. >> are you sure? >> yes. that guy spent $2 million for what is perceived to be as a joke. right? >> first of all, you're assume being it a guy. >> i'm sexist. >> as we talk about it that $2 million painting is going to $2.5, $2.7. bill, a painting you sold for a clump of dirt recently. are you jealous of the money this has made? >> that clump of dirt came directly from fenway park. that's worth a lot of money, like $20. >> fenway park is an asian fellow you met? >> yes. go to bed, fen. it's far too late for you. >> he doesn't usually use his middle name. >> if i just had that joke once every year, i would retire.
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>> this is like dada. it's like hauling out the urinal and calling it art and the dumb bourgeois fall for it. >> it's better than modern art. who is the guy that does the big blocks of color? >> roscoe. >> so you go to the museum of modern art and there are these giant paintings of rothco and all they're staring at is a tv turned off. that's all it is. >> yeah, to you. you don't get it. >> how jealous are you? do you like rothco? am i an idiot? >> i think all of us are rothco when you think about it and you don't. >> i don't think about it. >> i also have another question.
8:17 pm
what is moma? >> it museum of modern art. >> i looked at this painting and i had one thought only, thank you for being a friend. calm down, diane. you're cool, too. jealous over here. >> i'm just grooving. >> we're going to have to pay for it. no more. >> i'm old enough to remember the original maude series. >> had an abortion episode. i remember that. >> do you remember adrian barbeau on "maude" at that time. >> that's the one you want to see naked. >> not now. >> when you hear bea arthur naked, your curiosity peaked.
8:18 pm
>> that's not the only thing that peaked. >> do you remember who the father was? maude? >> george jefferson. a lot of people forget that. >> you're a jerk. you're lying. the artist has to be psyched. what happens when you create something that sells money? it's a franchise. so now all he has to do is he's going to do mrs. garrett from "facts of life," he'll do rerun from "what's happening." he'll do dead guy. >> he stole that. there's a guy in chicago who does a whole bunch of paintings like that. >> tom bosley. >> david doyle. >> i'm just going to say these names to run out the show for the next 45 minutes. coming up, how can we make air travel more enjoyable? diane discusses her book, strap ugly passengers to the roof of the plane so i don't have to
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look at them. i'm terrible. >> yes, you are terrible. >> stop that! [ musick ] i knew there were a lot of tech jobs
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wait a second, do the well built have a righty tilt? a new study claims -- the researchers believe there's an
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evolutionary explanation. for more on this let go live to racoon, who plays the harp. ♪ ♪ >> that is highly evolved. but look at diane. she's very excited about this. >> i love that one. >> it's more fun watching her watch the video. >> some of them just get me. that one got me. walter, does this make sense to you, this study? >> yeah, it does. first of all, i want to know that it's the opposite in women. upper body strength in women usually connotes a liberal tilt. >> it's true. >> when was the last time up yo
8:24 pm
saw a bodybuilder buying something with food stamps. they don't need to depend on other people. they can just take stuff. did chuck norris vote for obama? >> no. i don't think so. all action heros. >> bruce willis, sly, kevin sorbo. most journalists are sort of greedy, hollow chested dorks. up kn you know what i mean? >> we're all like real puffed up. >> by the way, i was an editor so i think i'm kind of an expert -- >> didn't you smoke when you were the editor of "men's health"? >> i'm a pathetic, strange little man. diane, you have dated men in the past, i'm sure. >> she's over it. >> so apparently this country is just swarming with muscular, chiselled conservative men and this is where i'm spending my
8:25 pm
saturday night. clearly i'm doing something wrong. >> that was not necessary. >> she's still angry about bea arthur. >> she does have a point, though. if this study is true, you must have the left leaning person on the planet. >> unnecessary. this is quite a coup for the conservatives, guy. because there is no one any american would want to hang out with more than a dude that spends a lot of time in the gym. that is -- these guys have big muscles because they have an even bigger personality. they're not trying to overcome anything with it. and let me tell you something else about guys that spend a lot of time at the gym -- straight! these guys are so straight. they are so straight, they will vote against gay marriage just
8:26 pm
to show you how straight they are. once again, you win, buff american men who like republican women. you know what else is jerky? the truth. coming up -- >> i'm sitting here in silence. >> he's got a point there. >> he certainly does. >> you know what else they like? creatine shakes. and they will tell you everything in it and you don't have to ask. >> is that muscle milk? >> yes. >> you know it's a setup because the next study is going to be i.q. and they're going to correlate it backwards. conservatives, don't get too high on this. >> if you go to the gym, if you're an athlete, you are dependent on results. if you lift this much weight, you watch yourself get bigger. if you're playing a sport, i follow a score.
8:27 pm
that doesn't work if you're a left winger. >> presumably a lot of these upper body guys who are voting conservative don't go to the gym and hang out in the steam room. they got that way from lifting iron ingets -- >> i don't work out in the steam room. i work it there. >> we have to move on. >> why should we move on? >> if you have a video of your animal doing something -- not like the cat because the cat was a little disturbing to me. or is it because i like the cat that it was disturbing? i don't know anymore. i think i'm falling apart. >> still to come, the halftime report. what a welcome back from andy leyy. oh, god.
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at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in. with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. we're back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. tom, you got a new cd available tuesday called "trust your heart." congratulations. >> thank you. >> how many cds is that this year? >> that's number 7 of 12. >> something tells me economically that makes no
8:32 pm
sense. >> it's a whole lot of work for about 85 fans. but i love every one of them. >> some say too much. >> speaking of fans, greg, when you first started out here you said when you were introducing walter you said "up in the air" was a great book and a movie. >> yes. >> i mean, you know. >> you caught that, didn't you? >> yeah, yeah. it was a movie. you said that. >> i parsed my words. actually, it was a good movie. i loved it. >> you were resisting using the superlative for the movie while showering praise on the book. >> i hate you for pointing that out. >> let's go to the irs story. diane, you said all of these charities, the tea party and the other, none of them should get tax exempt status. am i clear on this? should individuals be able to
8:33 pm
write off their donations to these charities? >> they're not charities. they're co welfare groups. no. i think if you're donating to a cause like that, you should be donating because you believe in the cause and you support it. i don't think charities should get tax write-offs either for the same rain. you shou -- same reason. >> wouldn't you rather -- >> that's the one way can you do it. >> so to be clear you hate all charities and you condemn bea arthur. >> it adds bureaucracy to something that shouldn't have bureaucracy. charity should be the most pure thing we do and you have to go through the government to do it. it adds another level of broc y
8:34 pm
bureaucracy, which adds more corruption. >> you said the tax code is 73,954 pages. 1974, 19,500 pages in 1974. >> people at home are thrilled that two people with a number in front of them are reciting it to each other. >> i don't have it in front of me. >> well, you're different! you hate the poor. >> isn't that what andy does every night? he looks up numbers and recites them back to us at halftime. it's a blast. walter, you seem to have a problem with the bonuses made by the irs. isn't the irs just a collection agency? you get a bonus when you bring in more money. they want money, why not incentivise these people? >> how are they incentivising them? they put on their desk go get walter kirn, we know he has a little extra, you get 10%? is it a commission? >> well, maybe.
8:35 pm
collection agencies do get a commission. that's how they make their money. >> but we're not -- dog the bounty hunter works on commission. number two, i disagree. only organizations should pay taxes and individuals should be exempt. that's how i think it should work. >> i like that idea. >> they're not making more money by granting tax exempt status. it's the opposite. you're granting more organizations the right to not pay taxes and have their donors not pay taxes. >> wait a minute, i think we're clear on how diane sees this issue. >> clearly my opinion. >> you think individuals shouldn't pay taxes but organizations should. >> yeah. organizations, corporations. corporations are sitting with $40 billion sitting offshore. they didn't audit the koch brothers, for example. it's not like they were going after the big fish.
8:36 pm
it's just people in their homes. >> you like wall street so much, why don't you go occupy it? >> i did. it didn't work. >> no, it didn't. >> tucker, you said you see this as a campaign story, but aren't all of these scandals campaign stories? seasoned benghazi the scandal that they were thinking of the campaign first? >> that's exactly what ties them all together. you forget what it's like in september of an election year but everything is related to the campaign. that's the lens through which they saw everything. if you can take your opponent's activist off the table or hamstring people who are going to be working for your opponent, that's great for you. that's what the irs did. >> all right, next story. bea arthur. by the way, bea died in 2009. >> she belongs to the ages. >> and, bill, i think you were joking about the mr. jefferson there.
8:37 pm
>> absolutely not. >> maude was edith bunker's cousin. that was the premise of the show. >> i didn't ask. but who is the father of the unwanted child. that's what we were wondering. >> i'm looking it up. there are so many controversial episodes, i couldn't even get through them. diane you were complaining, this is not really her body, the mabb made it up. the man is an artist, he's best known for satirical, figurative paintings. that's his bailiwick. >> that's fine. i'm just pointing out when people look at that painting sand she's got pretty nice boobs but they're not her boobs. >> they were blacked out and i'm
8:38 pm
still trying to imagine it. >> and then there's diane and she's jealous. >> there's something wrong with all of you. >> walter, when you think of bea arthur, do you think of maude or as the golden girls? >> i think of maude. there were two shows i could not watch as a kid and maude was one of them and the other was "james at 16." >> lance kerwin became james at 16 when he lost his virginity and then was found in a hotel in real life with a hooker and drugged out of his life, right? >> they should have made that a special episode, "james at 63." i wonder what happened to lance kir win. he was like a rising star. then he disappeared. >> maybe for my next halftime report, i can do a lance kerwin
8:39 pm
update. >> i think he's working at msnbc and his name is chris hayes. he went over to michael jackson's house one weekend and dropped out of society. >> i'm all done, greg. >> you didn't get to the other story? >> we were talking about the strong man conservative. you guys are all acting like this is cause and effect. what if it's the other way. if you're conservative, maybe you spend less time combing the internet and then you have time to go to the gym and become strong. >> that is an interesting point. it's like the clicken or the egg. >> why look on the internet when you can get it in the locker room. >> by the way, when you suggesting all these large, fit men who vote conservative were gay? is that what you were saying? >> no, tom. i think you're hearing what you want to hear. this guy -- >> greg, i am done.
8:40 pm
>> job well done. i'll see you in the later part of the show. don't go anywhere and, please, don't help yourself to the pressuremen me refreshments down there because that's not for you. coming up, what are the economic pitfalls of trading with china? >> i'm writing a lot of books. >> you are. >> is this man reason number one why we shouldn't mess with texas? i don't know, i just woke up. why are twice as many people choosing verizon
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have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure have occurd. before starting humira , your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live in or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your doctor if humira can work for you. this is humira at work. does a gun make a break-in less fun? on thursday three burglars broke into an identified man's home. they roughed him up and threw him in the closet. unfortunately for the criminal, this happened to be where the dude kept his firearms.
8:44 pm
he fired at the perps, hitting one in the leg. here's a neighbor saying something. >> owner had a gun. he did exactly what he was supposed to do with the gun. that's what they're made for. protect his home. >> while he was being interviewed, i went into his house and stole his tv. >> lightning round. >> tucker, isn't this why people who love guns are awesome and people who don't suck? >> everyone has to make their own decision. speaking for myself, i think it's insane not to have a gun at home. it's crazy. the study that says you will hurt yourself has been exposed as total crap. >> is that true? >> it's not true. you can go to the roots of it. it's on snotes actually. >> it came from a quote in a
8:45 pm
supreme court decision but the supreme court decision was misquoting a study, which was lost. >> you have to take into account justifiable homicides. if you figure that is involved in the study and you compare it with how many people have been killed and/or injured by their own guns or someone else's unintentionally, then it's true. >> presumably somebody intent on killing himself will do it with guns or pills or whatever. hangings have gone up quite a bit. >> i'm a novelist and i like to put myself in the mindset of these news stories. okay, people break in, they're backing me toward something, my gun closet. close the door. yes! do i go for the glock? the head shot? do i go for the 12 gauge and take out his torso? this is all awesome, incredible scenarios. just waiting for them to open the door. must have been the longest three
8:46 pm
seconds of his life. >> it's one of those things where as you're being backed up to the closet, you almost want to say "no, not the closet." no! i have a fear of the dark. this is a bad day for you. not only are we ripping you off but you're going in there. it's such a great story. that's what i like about the story is that the guy got -- >> it's a little disappointing, though. like he hit one guy in the shoulder and the other two -- i mean, he was in his gun closet. >> you wanted a blood bath. what is wrong with you? >> i didn't want one. i just thought because the guy had a gun closet and has been waiting all his life for a moment like this. >> i like that the two guys he didn't shoot just took off. >> bill, you know what -- >> never been a fan, greg.
8:47 pm
>> i know you're not, ever since you were run over by one. >> i lived in one. >> that's a great name for the store in the mall, the gun closet. >> the gun closet is also a great name for the gym i'm at. >> and the certain bar. >> at the gym. by the way, do you need a towel? >> at the gym as you do curls. >> we call it the gun closet. welcome in. i don't see in i alcohol in here. i know. this is the gun closet. time to take a break. but more stuff when we come back. the joy of hate. if you haven't bought this book, like i said, you're a commi, socialist pinko and you don't deserve to live in america. how did i sell that, huh? pretty good.
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♪ >> greg: all right. we are doing a show. a final topic students goal to become associate vice president of diversity and inclusion at northwestern university was blocked by the school senate last week because he wasn't
8:52 pm
diverse enough. even though steven pietrieowski has the support of the outgoing v.p. he just couldn't minor are in being a minority. explained one member of the committee to the campus paper "this university is not ready in any capacity for a heterosexual white male to be in charge in any way of diversity and inclusion. i don't know if any university is ." somebody short sheet the dork's bunk bed already. do you agree he was too ka caucasian and too male and not gay enough? >> excluded from a position aimed at diversity and inclusion. and by the way, is he a young greg gutfeld? you could do a side-by-side. >> greg: he ripped off my i look and frankly i'm a little offended at that. >> your sweaters even complement each other. >> a little too skinny to be a
8:53 pm
republican. needs to work on the upper body. >> one of the stories that writes themselves. >> i was like this quote can't be for real. somebody saying he is not. >> total cultural revolution stuff. the last holdout. by the way, in his world he he is totally a minority. an oppressed minority. >> why did he want the job? >> that is a great question right there. obviously a freak. who would want that? >> he was head of the cool's in task force which means they have an association for diversity and inclusion and inclusion task force. >> a hater who deserves. >> well, yes. >> i first felt bad for the guy. did you hear the excuse he said so as to stay on as the v.p.? he said my sister was a lesbian. >> no way! >> he was trying to make h his case for why he is qualified to do the job. >> first of all, she is not a lesbian, she is a sophomore.
8:54 pm
secondly,. >> that is to hot i couldn't stand it. >> that is like saying well, i should be in the nwa because i have a black coworker. get out of here! >> whey want to know is how they established that he was heat row sexual? did he have to attack like. >> what is the test, by the way? >> i know that is true. he actually had to fill something out. talk about quotas, this is bizarre. >> and how does he know? he is just a college kid. >> we are laughing about this now and in five years this will not rate on the show. >> greg: this is how the tolerant can be intolerant. i go back to i cal call it the departed equation. matt damon become a cop to become intollable. >> i said it before and i will say it again. damon backwards is nomad. think about it. >> greg: that had nothing to do with the story. >> i think they are still thinking about it. >> greg: no one is thinking about it.
8:55 pm
>> nomad. >> and not to put too fine a point on it. matt backwards, ttam? >> greg: bill you are the most minor minority in the world. is that how you got this job? >> i can change my gender just by thinking about it so where is my task force? i will hire this guy but i have to teach him how you to do it first. >> greg: all right. >> and tell his sister to call me. >> greg: sometimes i wonder why i go to him for a final question. >> i thought there was a payoff in that. i enjoyed it. >> i. >> so did i. [ laughter ] >> i'm -- [ laughter ] >> silent cam. silence him. it is an 11:00 show. we are not having that part. you don't have is to cut it out. >> that was the best line in the whole show! [ bleep ] >> i. >> greg: and you say it again.
8:56 pm
now, we have to -- close things out with the post game wrapup you. i should have ended the segment five minutes a go. go to"red eye." [ male announcer ] snap out of your snack routine
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with delicious pringles stix. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ a deliciously unique snack. everything pops with pringles stix. [ crunch ] well, dad, i spent my childhood living with monks learning the art of dealmaking. you've mastered monkey-style kung fu? no. priceline is different now. you don't even have to bid. master hahn taught you all that? oh, and he says to say (translated from cantonese) "you still owe him five bucks." your accent needs a little work.
8:59 pm
>> greg: post game. >> all right. walter tell us about the book. >> it is called my mother's bible and it is a heartfelt exploration of my mother's bible which i found after she died. >> beautiful. >> greg: no joke there. >> diane, where can viewers find you on the web? >> facebook or my twitter handle. >> i follow you. amazing. i follow you. >> greg: that is the creepiest thing you have said. >> what is going on at the daily caller? >> a story breaking tonight on the irs scandal. >> fantastic. back to you, greg. >> greg: look, you have three hands. well done, always a pleasure.
9:00 pm
bill. he will stare at you awkwardly until the end of this show! they come here to kill us and we worry about what they he think of us. and america should protect you? your sons killed us. why would you give the criminals an advantage over an unarmed -- >> get the hell out of your elitist egg head tower, put on your big boy pants. >> judge jeanine: i don't know how she did it. but my mom knew everything. she knew when i was down the street arguing with my sister lou lou about whose turn it was to walk the new dog or ride the new bike. when i listen to the obama white house i give her even more credit. no one in this administration

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